Man of His Words


Ryan Walker, Founder & Freelance Copywriter

I grew up between the coasts in a city called Dubuque (duh-byook). A town in Iowa, small enough to be mispronounced by other Midwesterners (dew-ba-cue, duh-boo-kay) and big enough to draw a full cast of presidential candidates every four years. That upbringing instilled a few important values. Among them: work ethic, fairness, and a sharp sense for BS.

In hindsight, it’s no wonder I chose a career in advertising.

Today, I view marketing and travel in much the same way – as great equalizers. A new place or a different culture can have a powerful affect on people – just as a strong headline or well-written email can get people to learn more.

Whether the intended effect is visiting a restaurant, learning about a tour, or booking a trip – the right words, at the right time, make the difference.

Given the chance, I hope to make a difference in your business too.

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